Links to Handle Cuneiform

Test your browser for seeing Sumero-Akkadian Cuneiform if fonts were installed.

See the Unicode chart for Cuneiform characters without needing fonts installed.

Here is a character test page to see if you browser and font installation will look right on code points from hexadecimal 12000 to 123FF. Here you can test your setup on the numbers and punctuation code points above hex 12400.


Line Wrap Issues and NBSP

The Unicode code point 32 is a space. For readability, Cuneiform is being posted with a space between letters on some Stories, but not all. However, that makes a problem because Line Wrap causes words to be split apart. To avoid that, use 160 as the space. (Hexadecimal 00A0 equals 160 decimal).That code point is a non-break space, so that a space is put between letters, but the words will not get broken apart during line wrap adjustments. Here is a link to the Unicode Chart that has the NBSP non-break space at code point 00A0 :

A description of NBSP is on page 524 of this Unicode document: