Download Fonts

Right click on this link to get Cuneiform Composite 1001 .zip fonts. That means push the right button on your mouse, not the left button, then Save the file. The file is named as a .jpg file, so after you download it, rename the file to be a .zip file. These are TTF TrueType Fonts. They were made by Steve Tinney and Michael Everson at the University of Pennsylvania, 2004 - 2007.

That odd renaming is done because I am using Wordpress to store the fonts on the website called on the page called Εχτονελξ Στρεαμεδ. When storing files on Wordpress, media files are limited to certain data types, like jpeg, but not .zip. Therefore, the file called is stored as cuneiform composite 1001.jpg . When you get a copy of that .jpg file, rename it as a .zip file, and extract it to get the fonts. Sorry. Here is the URL of the font file

Also, a guy in France named Guillaume Malingue made some TTF TrueType Fonts in two files.